Workout With Me: Leg Day

Workout With Me: Leg Day

Leg day, best day.

Warm up: jump rope & dynamic stretching for 10 minutes


  • 3x8 barbell squats
  • 3x8 barbell deadlift
  • 3x8 alternating single leg step ups + 3x8 rear foot elevated split squats each leg (superset)
  • 3x8 dumbbell lateral lunge each leg
  • 3x10 cable side kicks + 3x10 cable kickbacks (superset, repeat on both legs)
  • 3x8 landmine squat press
  • 3x10 glute bridges + 3x5 single leg glute bridges (superset)
  • 3x10 donkey kicks + 3x10 donkey kick pulses (superset, repeat on both legs)

Cool down: walk 5-10 minutes