Workout With Me: Upper Body Day

Workout With Me: Upper Body Day

Warm up:

  • 1 mile run
  • 5x10 burpees (15 seconds rest in between each set)
  • Dynamic stretching


  • Bench press - increasing weight, decreasing repetitions (1 set x 10 reps, 1 set x 8 reps, 1 set x 6 reps, 1 set x 4 reps)
  • 4x10 barbell bicep curls
  • 4x10 cable tricep extensions
  • 4x5 explosive push ups (explode up until hands land on plyo box, push up on box, push off until hands land back on the ground, repeat) 
  • 4x10 hammer curls
  • 4x15 tricep dips
  • Burnout battle ropes series - no rest until entire series is complete (30 seconds alternating waves, 30 seconds criss-cross, 30 seconds double arm waves, 30 seconds jumping jacks with ropes, 30 seconds alternating left and right double arm wave)


  • 1 mile interval run (increase speed every 1/10 of a mile)
  • 3-5 minute walk cool down