Respyre Wellness Box Full Review

Respyre Wellness Box Full Review

Self-care is my motto.

I live what I preach, and just as I tell each and every one of you to make taking care of yourselves your top priority, I live each day with the same mission. Thanks to Respyre, that has just gotten a little easier.

I would never suggest something to you that I didn't absolutely love, but when I find things that make my life easier, I feel that the least I can do is share them with you. I am not being paid or sponsored, I just want to help promote the brands that make my life healthier and happier. 

First, let me fill you in. Respyre Wellness Boxes are delivered to your door, stocked with all the things you need to unwind after a day of chaos. They are shipped once per month, so when you run out, another one is probably already on its way. I'm talking tea, candles, essential oils... all of the things you wish you had when you get home, finally take your shoes off, and sit down on the couch for some you time.  

I've been sipping on Respyre's tea since the day my box arrived. Citrus Green is my absolute favorite flavor, so I've been having a cup of this (completely unsweetened...that's how yummy it is) every morning before heading to class. On top of the tea, I recently found out how much I love essential oils, so big shoutout to Respyre for another addition to my collection. I rub a little bit of the oil on my wrists and behind my ears before bed, and it's a total game changer. It's like being in yoga class... all the time. 

And do I need to explain why being shipped a new candle every month is not the most ideal situation in the world? I light them by the bath and let myself completely unwind. It's the closest thing to heaven I've experienced in a while. Take my word, friends.

Again, this is not sponsored but it'd be a crime to keep this to myself. Click here if you're interested in checking them out for yourself! And to save yourself 10%, use my code "HANNAH10" xoxo enjoy!

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